Dr Raymond Kiu

Research Fellow

Investigating the role of Clostridium perfringens in pre-term intestinal infection using both computational and experimental approaches

I graduated with a BSc in Nutritional and Health Sciences from Taipei Medical University, Taiwan under which programme I was professionally trained as a clinical dietician. I then moved to the UK and obtained an MSc at the University of Reading in Nutritional and Food Sciences where I was involved in investigating the protective effects of bioactive compounds anthocyanins on human immune cell lines. In January 2015 I moved to Norwich in 2015 and started my PhD in Hall lab.

My PhD research concentrated on understanding the genomics and pathogenicity of Clostridium perfringens in relation to gastrointestinal diseases primarily in pre-term infants using genomic approach and pre-clinical models.

I obtained my PhD in early 2019 and subsequently started a post-doc position in the lab. My current on-going project is focused on understanding the probiotic role and impact of Bifidobacterium in early life (both pregnancy and infancy) using both bioinformatics and experimental approaches.

Dr Raymond Kiu

Research Areas

  • Infection Resistance
  • Microbial Community Restoration