Media Engagement

In recent years, we have actively participated in various radio and television programs that explore the fascinating realm of microbiota research. Our involvement includes contributions to BBC2’s “Horizons: Allergies: Modern Life and Me,” appearances on BBC Breakfast, features on ITV1’s “Save Money, Good Health,” participation in BBC4’s “Michael Mosley vs The Superbugs.”, and most recently the reboot of Channel 5’s “You Are What You Eat”. We are committed to sharing our insights and discoveries through magazine and newspaper articles, as well as insightful blog posts.

For the latest updates on our media appearances, shows, and articles, be sure to follow us on Twitter/X. Stay tuned for more exciting insights into the intriguing world of microbiome research.

BBC Radio 4: ‘The best thing since sliced bread’

BBC4 - Michael Mosley vs The Superbugs

ITV1 - Save Money: Good Health

BBC2 Horizon - 'Allergies: Modern Life and Me’