Talks and Science Festivals

We are enthusiastic about sharing our research findings and contributing to the broader microbiota research community through engaging public talks and participation in science festivals. Our team actively takes part in events like Pint of Science, where we discuss complex scientific topics in an accessible and engaging way.

Our involvement in science festivals has been extensive. In the past, we’ve been part of events such as “Gut Feeling” at Cheltenham and Edinburgh Science Festivals, as well as “Antibiotic Resistance Stories” for the Norwich Science Festival. In 2018, we also proudly joined the prestigious Royal Society Summer Exhibition, a major public engagement event attended by over 11,000 visitors, primarily school students from across the UK. Our exhibit, “Guardians of the Gut,” was among the top 22 stands, earning the distinction of being the second most popular exhibit according to a survey of children attending the event. We also showcased our work at the Norwich Science Festival, where a snapshot survey revealed that 84% of visitors felt they learned a substantial amount. We have also had the privilege of taking “Guardians of the Gut” to the Latitude music festival, offering gut tours during the day while enjoying music, comedy, and art in the evenings. Our commitment to science outreach is aimed at educating and inspiring the public about the exciting world of microbiome research.

Latitude Festival 2019 (Suffolk)

Norwich Science Festival 2018

Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2018 (London)

Pint of Science 2018

Ian presented his talk ‘Probiotics: Bugs to Treat Inflammatory Bowel disease’ at the ‘Re-balancing your bacteria: investigating new treatments for a healthy gut’ session at the of Pint of Science talks in Norwich.

Norwich Science Festival 2017

The Hall Lab debuted the ‘Me and my microbiome’ giant gut game prototype over two days at the Norwich Science Festival in 2017. On the Friday, Mel, Ian and Zoe also took to the cabaret stage to perform their This is your life style Bifidobacteria talk.

Pint of Science 2017

Cho Zin presented her talk ‘Bifidobacterium: Microbial Guardians of the (Gut) Galaxy’ at the ‘My Bacteria and Me’ session at the of Pint of Science talks in Norwich.

'Gut Feelings' Science Festival Series

Lindsay took part in a series of sold out talks, ‘Gut Feelings’ at Cheltenham Science Festival in 2015 and Edinburgh International Science Festival in 2016. Lindsay also did a solo event for the 2016 Norwich Science Festival which was also sold out.