Antia Acuna-Gonzalez

Research Scientist

Understanding antibiotic resistance in early life microbiota

I was always interested in bacteria and their role in health and disease so  I  obtained my BSc in Microbiology at Autonomous University of Barcelona to be able to learn more about it. Later on, I wanted to learn more about the relevance of food on our organisms and decided to take a MSc in Food Biotechnology (Oviedo University) to learn about how food is produced safely and how it impacts our bodies. Moreover, during my studies I had the opportunity to continue abroad thanks to two ERASMUS programs and  take several internships in Industry and Research. I have been working  internationally since then in Ireland (Teagasc Research center). Spain (Idis Institute), UK (Glasgow University and now Quadram) and I enjoy international work environments where people can interact, share and collaborate.

After my studies I became very interested in how microbes affect our health causing pathogenesis and I was appointed as a Biomedical Scientist at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital in Microbiology Department. During this time I had the opportunity to learn a lot and worked as a virologist during COVID-19 pandemic. I arrived at Quadram Institute Bioscience in 2022, and my main project is to help understanding antibiotic resistance in early life microbiota. I also collaborate with other side projects in the lab by providing scientific and technical support.