Hassan Saeed

PhD Student

Deciphering the infant’s gut microbiome in search for emerging untouched multi-drug resistant pathogens in different geographical regions

I am from Pakistan. I did my bachelor’s in microbiology which gave me insights into antimicrobial resistance and different infections. Being a global challenge, antimicrobial resistance fascinates me a lot to work on. Also, AMR is an integral part of my PhD project. My master’s was in Microbiology & Molecular Genetics in which I assessed the antibacterial activity of citrus fruits. Besides that, I evaluated the expression of enterotoxin genes in Staphylococcus aureus isolated from food handlers and the environment. I developed an interest in the microbiome during the pandemic when I was writing my master thesis and I’d love to dive in.

The unbearable madness of the microbiome led me to work in this emerging research domain. So, I joined the Hall Lab in 2022 as a PhD student. I will be focusing on improving infants’ health by looking into their gut microbiome by probing the impact of nutrition on early life microbiota and uncovering the least studied MDR pathogens in different geographic regions. Lastly, mining the microbiome data to determine the anti-microbial impacts of beneficial bacteria.

Hassan Saeed

Research Areas

  • Colonisation Resistance