Microbial Community Restoration

The microbial community restoration section is dedicated to exploring how microbial ecosystems can be rejuvenated to enhance health. Our ultimate goal is to develop therapies that promote both maternal and infant wellbeing, drawing from insights gained through clinical studies, and innovative scientific approaches.

We employ an integrative approach that capitalises on clinical samples derived from ongoing cohorts, including PEARL, which focuses on pregnant mothers and their infants, and BAMBI, which is centred around preterm infants. We complement this with innovative in vivo germ-free models, cutting-edge sequencing techniques, and state-of-the-art bioinformatic pipelines.

A prime example of our research in this field is our involvement in the BAMBI project. Within this initiative, we delve into the effectiveness of ‘probiotic’ strategies specifically tailored for premature infants. Our focus is on the revitalisation of the microbiota and its potential impact on critical clinical outcomes, such as the occurrence of necrotising enterocolitis. Through our rigorous scientific investigations, we aspire to develop innovative approaches that restore microbial communities and, in turn, enhance the health of both mothers and infants, which is reflected in updated clinical guidelines and practice.