Public Engagement

Public engagement is at the heart of our microbiota research activities in the Hall lab. We are passionate about sparking conversations surrounding the influence of our friendly resident bacteria on our daily lives and the captivating world of science. Our outreach initiatives take various forms, from contributing to newspaper and magazine articles to crafting informative blogs. We relish the opportunity to give public talks, organise engaging sessions at science festivals, and educate school children about science and potential career paths. You might even spot us on TV sharing our insights.

With the support of grants and awards from charities and institutions like Wellcome, Microbiology Society, and BBSRC Impact Funds, we are continuously expanding our horizons. Be on the lookout for our upcoming events and initiatives aimed at reaching even broader audiences.

One of the most rewarding aspects of our public engagement efforts is witnessing the meaningful impact on those we interact with. Many individuals have expressed how our interactions have transformed their perceptions, leaving them with a deeper understanding of the human gut microbiome and its crucial role in maintaining health.