Dr Cho Zin Soe

Post Doctoral Scientist

Exploring the iron uptake mechanisms in Bifidobacterium in the context of colonisation resistance against enteric pathogens.

Just like us, most microorganisms require iron for growth and fundamental cellular processes. I am interested in how bacteria take up this essential micronutrient from their surroundings, either in their hosts or in the environment. I finished my BSc in Molecular Biotechnology and PhD in the Discipline of Pharmacology at the University of Sydney, Australia. During my PhD, I applied the iron uptake systems of the marine bacterium Shewanella putrefaciens to synthesize new siderophore-based lead compounds. I moved to the Hall lab in May 2016 and I am currently investigating the mode of iron uptake in the gut microbiome, including in Bifidobacterium, and its role in pathogen resistance, metabolite synthesis and the maintenance of iron homeostasis.

Dr Cho Zin Soe

Research Areas

  • Colonisation Resistance