Dr Elizabeth Darby

Research Fellow

My project focuses on understanding how members of the gut microbiome may increase or decrease inflammatory immune responses

I grew up just outside of Birmingham and moved to the University of Salford to do a Bachelors degree in Human Biology and Infectious Diseases. Following that, I completed an M.Res in Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of Birmingham before starting a Wellcome Trust funded PhD on antibiotic resistance across Acinetobacter, also at Birmingham.

My PhD was done in Prof. Jess Blair’s group and combined phenotypic lab experiments with genomics to understand why antibiotic resistance develops in some human pathogens and not in others. Naturally, this also included some work characterising RND efflux pumps in Acinetobacter!

After handing in my PhD thesis, I joined the Hall Lab as a post-doctoral research fellow. My project looks at how Bifidobacterium may modulate the immune response in patients with inflammatory diseases.

Dr Elizabeth Darby

Research Areas

  • Beneficial Host Responses
  • Microbial Community Restoration