Me and my microbiome Mini Blog Series 4

8. Planning a fun assortment of activities for the Norwich Science Festival!

The whole lab group are on board with planning activities for the Norwich Science Festival which is running from the 21st – 29th October. As well as it being the debut showing of our giant gut game prototype, we are also planning games and quizzes for families to play. Mel, Zoe and Ian are busy rehearsing a new performance for the cabaret stage! Using the format of an old TV show called ‘This is your life’, they will introduce Bifidobacteria as an old friend and tell the story of how our relationship with Bifi begins at birth and of the journey we take with this and other microbes through our lives. Of course, a giant celebrity Bifi is a must have for any such theatrical piece and so here it is!

9. Final preps at Norwich Hackspace!

Signs have been made to accompany the game stations and we are in the final stages of the build. It is astonishing just how complicated the electronics and coding have been to accommodate the many flashing lights that make the gut a real visual treat! The guys at the hackspace are a real talented bunch and we are so grateful for their enthusiasm and energy to make our ideas become a reality!

Look out for part five in the Me and my microbiome series to see how we got on at Norwich Science Festival!