Me and my microbiome Mini Blog Series 3

6. Cross-disciplinary collaborations continue to flourish!

The Hackspace meet up takes place on Monday evenings and so Jenni squeezed the gut and all five game stations into her car and set off to show the group the stand progress so far and explain the desired aims. After setting it up in one of the side rooms she was pleased to have a group of interested people waiting to hear all about it! A few people immediately got very excited about the games and very soon Jenni had a team of people on board to help bring the games (and the gut) to life!

7. Filming day in the lab!

Another element of the plan for the ‘Me and my microbiome’ project is to make short videos of all the lab members to create a quick tool for people to hear about each person’s work and also introduce the human side of scientists. Local film maker Jeremy spent two days in the lab recording interviews with us, he was very patient as we perfected our skills as presenters! Videos of the group will be available to view on the lab website shortly. We also captured some practical tasks in action to create demonstrations of processes that take place in the lab to show how clinical samples are used to help us investigate the microbiome.

Look out for part four in the Me and my microbiome series!