Me and my microbiome Mini Blog Series

1. Our new public engagement project!

Earlier this year the Hall lab started an exciting new public engagement project, funded by the Wellcome Trust, entitled Me and my microbiome.

Plans include developing new exhibits and resources to improve people’s understanding of their microbiomes and to show the benefits that patient involvement can bring to our research. In this cross-disciplinary endeavour we are working with artists, designers, programmers and psychologists to create new interactive tools for shared learning at public events, focused workshops and in schools. We will be blogging about our progress and experiences along the way!

2. Jenni joins the team!

Life in the Hall lab is always busy with lots of research generating lots of results! We are all passionate about communicating what we do and engaging the public with our work. However, organising even the smallest activity can take up a fair amount of time and the plans set out in our ‘Me and my microbiome’ project are anything but small! So, to help us turn our plans into reality we have invited local science communication specialist Dr Jenni Rant to work with us to deliver all aspects of the project. Jenni came down to the QI building to meet the group and hear all about our research. She is excited to be joining us to develop our public engagement strategy over the next 18 months.

Look out for the next installment in the Me and my microbiome series!