Team Building Day at Go Ape

After a quick road trip, all members of the Hall Lab arrived at Thetford Forest for a cordial lunch before the team building activities began. The bravest amongst up feasted upon the biggest Jacket potatoes (I have ever seen) with Chilli con carne before embarking on climbing, swinging and crawling their way through the high rope obstacle courses at Go Ape.

With full bellies, we headed off for the safety brief. This was the first challenge as we all tried to make sense of the many straps and attachments that made up the safety harness. Once we were sufficiently uncomfortable wearing the snug climbing harnesses we made our way to the practice obstacle. Everybody got through this with ease and we excitedly made our way to the first course. Suddenly we were faced with a 50ft ladder climb and the reality of the ‘high’ part of the high rope obstacles.

Due to the layout and restrictions of the course we ended up in 2 groups. Both groups had a daredevil and someone that was not as comfortable with heights. We heckled the more confident as they limboed, danced and twisted their way over the course whereas an abundant amount of support was provided to the less confident from the reassurances of the closest around them, to waves and whoop whoops from trees in the distance.

There were balance beams and swinging bridges to zip lines and Tarzan swings. We were all challenged by the obstacles but the most enjoyable obstacle was the final Tarzan swing. Even the most fearless felt a flutter as they approached the edge of the 120 ft high platform to attach themselves to the rope that dangled slightly out of a comfortable reach. The ground was a long way below and the cargo net where we had to swing to was clearly beyond jumping range. Having watched my colleagues successfully make it, I took a gulp and jumped off the platform. I can only imagine how my slightly acrophobic team mates felt but for me feeling the wind in my face as I whizzed through the air was exhilarating and over too soon as the cargo net engulfed me before rebounding me back out into the abyss before embracing me once again.

It was a mentally and physically challenging afternoon polished off with pizza, beer and recollections of the afternoons activities at Lindsay’s house.